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HI-END MPPT PCU 10070/120V

High Efficiency Microtek Solar TRUE MPPT PCU are Based on DSP Technology.
Pure DSP Sine Wave Technology.
User Friendly SMart Multicolor LCD Display.
State of The Art & Advanced MPPT Technology Ensure 30% More Energy Genration FOrm Solar PV.
Advance Real Time Clock Technology Ensure Optimum Saving of ElectronicBill.
Smart LCD Displays Total Solar Energy Genration (in KWH).
Provision FOr Setting Critical Parameters of Solar Thru SMart Front Panel.
Smart Logic Built in Software to Maintain Battery Gravity & Enhance Battery Life.
Battery Types Support : Tubular, SMF & Flat Plate.
Remote Monitoring Thru WI-FI/LAN/GPRS (Optional Feature).


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